Super Bowl 50 half-time show: Chris Martin declared new 'left shark' after Beyonce performance

The Coldplay singer was overshadowed by Beyonce's towering presence 

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Chris Martin’s young daughter Apple had some reassuring words of advice for her nervous father ahead of his Super Bowl 50 half-time performance: “The worst that could happen is you’ll get turned into a meme.”

Alas, it appears her worst case scenario has become a reality after the Coldplay singer was deemed the new “left shark” on Sunday evening when Beyonce dominated Coldplay's show by arriving on stage mid-performance with Bruno Mars in tow. 

Last year, Katy Perry’s left shark inspired numerous memes at the Super Bowl for exuberantly dancing out of time and apparently not having a clue what was going on. 

This year, many viewers felt Martin was left floundering after Beyonce stormed on stage and belted her new single, becoming the talking point of the entire show. Martin's meme fears were soon realised with tweets superimposing left shark between Beyonce and Mars. 

In fairness to Martin, it would have been a tough act for anyone to live up to. Beyonce was roundly declared the star of the show and Lady Gaga was hailed for opening it by singing the national anthem in a dramatic departure from her usual style.