Susan Sarandon wants to 'blaze up' with ASAP Rocky after he name-drops her in a song

The actress was really excited she was name-checked in his 2013 song '1Train'

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Susan Sarandon has responded to an ASAP Rocky lyric about her and told the rapper she’d love to 'blaze up' with him some time.

A$AP Rocky name-checked Sarandon in the track 1Train on his 2013 debut ‘Long. Live. ASAP’., but the actress has seemingly only got round to hearing it.

The track features Action Bronson rapping the line ‘You see us scramblin’, sellin Susan Sarandon/ The cloud of smoke like the Phantom’.

Sarandon tweeted the two rappers, thanking them for including her even though she didn’t know what she was being used as slang for.

“Hey @asvprocky & @ActionBronson thx for the shout out on “1Train”. Not sure what it means, but let’s blaze one & talk about it some time.”


A$AP has yet to respond, but Bronson tweeted the message and replied “THELMA AND LOUISE!!!!!”

But not all of ASAP Rocky’s lyrics are well received.

His latest record includes offensive lyrics about Rita Ora, something he has had to attempt to defend in recent weeks.