Taylor Swift apologises to Nicki Minaj over VMA tweets: 'I missed the point. I'm sorry.'

The singer responded after a number of people criticised her this week.

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Taylor Swift has apologised to Nicki Minaj for misunderstanding her tweets about the music industry's race problem.

In a series of tweets, Minaj spoke out against the MTV VMA award nominations, saying that the music industry regularly appropriated black culture but never rewarded black artists for the impact they have on pop culture.

Swift, thinking the conversation was aimed at her, tried to stand up for herself, even inviting Minaj on stage with her should she win.

But she was heavily criticised for getting involved in a conversation that was about bigger things than individual artists.

Swift tweeted saying she thought she was being called out, and apologised for missing the point.

Since Minaj's original tweets several celebrities have got involved. Katy Perry took a swipe at Swift for being a hypocrite, while Piers Morgan waded in with his own thoughts on why the video for "Anaconda" didn't get more nominations.

The awards take place on August 30, hosted by Miley Cyrus, so even though things are calm now there's plenty of opportunity for more 'bad blood' before all these pop stars get in a room together.

Nicki has now replied, thanking the singer for apologising and asking everyone to move on.

But unfortunately some people are still in a foul mood over the whole thing.

Some things never change.