Tina Fey on what it takes to be a model: 'Turn your brain off and pretend like it makes sense for you to be there'

The comedian and actress has a few pithy words to say on the profession

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Tina Fey says she knows just what it takes to be a model – not a lot, essentially.

The actress, comedian, writer and producer appears on the cover of the latest edition US Elle, during which she learnt a few tricks of the trade.

“Just turn your brain off and pretend like it makes sense for you to be there,” she told People.

Her young daughters, Alice, 9, and Penelope, 3, were also seemingly unimpressed by the modelling process.

 “I think the day I did the shoot, I came home and just was immediately asked, ‘Why do you have so much makeup on?’” said Fey. “They get very suspicious if I have makeup on.”

Fey started her career on Saturday Night Live, before going on to write the popular Mean Girls and her own show, 30 Rock. In January, she and friend Amy Poehler presented the 2014 Golden Globes, keeping the witty quips flowing all evening.

However, despite her success, she still worries about future obstacles the industry might throw at her.

“The greatest challenge in Hollywood - my own personal fear is that it’s ageism,” Fey told Elle.com.

“Even for writers. Where are the jobs for me in the next 15 years? That’s my guess on Hollywood’s biggest challenge for women right now.”