Tony Hart dies twice, Morph forced to intervene

The Hartbeat presenter is mourned a second time on the internet

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News that Morph creator Tony Hart had passed away swept Twitter like a tidal wave of sadness over the weekend.

Fans expressed their sorrow that the Hartbeat presenter, who had inspired so much of their childhood viewing had sadly died, tweeting a link to a Guardian obituary honouring his life:

Only many failed to note the date on said obituary was actually 2009, and that Tony Hart had actually died six years previously from ill health at the age of 83.

They also failed to note that the lead tribute on the article came from a currently jailed Rolf Harris.

Even Wikipedia got it wrong. Yes, even Wikipedia:


So Morph was forced to intervene and set the record straight:

And henceforth came the ‘Tony Hart died twice’ trend – this time without the suspect tributes: