Trevor Noah picks apart Donald Trump for being a 'sore winner'

The Daily Show host also explains why America needs Black Friday every week with Mr Trump as President

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In a presidential campaign plagued by a leaked tape, a private email server, and a whole lot of ugly insults, Trevor Noah was one of the few sources of constant humour. Time and time again, Donald Trump found himself as the butt of one of Noah's wisecracks.

The South-African comedian, who hosts The Daily Show, has now put a case forward for why America needs Black Friday every week now that Mr Trump has been elected as President.

While many Thanksgiving celebrations were no doubt beset with rows over politics instead of turkey stuffing options this year, Noah said he knew “divided” America would be fine after Black Friday.

But Noah quipped that this year hungry consumers were not there for the deals or the retail therapy. “They just wanted to be in a space where they could punch somebody,” he told viewers.

“The truth is, we might need to have Black Friday every week. Because now that Donald Trump is going to be president, people really do want to fight about everything - including whether Donald Trump is actually going to be president.”

Noah was of course referring to Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate’s attempt at a recount in some swing states won by Mr Trump. Surprise, surprise, the President-elect has not been happy about the recount effort, dubbing it “ridiculous” and a “scam”. 

“I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” he also tweeted at the weekend.

“Bullshit!” Noah told viewers. “Count on Donald Trump to find a way to be a sore winner. I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

He surmised that Mr Trump only cares about winning the popular vote because it has the word “popular” in it.”

Noah also weighed in on the billionaire’s penchant for all things business related.

“Think about this: if, God forbid, somebody decided to attack one of the Trump Towers in the world, is that an attack on the hotel, or is that now an attack on America?”

“Having a president who is trying to run businesses all over the world not only makes for a less focused president, but people who voted for Trump said they wanted someone who would run America like a business,” he added. “More and more though, it seems like voters got someone who is running America for his business.”

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Noah had a hard act to follow after replacing Jon Stewart on America’s late-night liberal on-screen sanctum but has certainly found his feet in digging into Mr Trump. While overall ratings have dropped, he has boosted the show’s popularity among the 18-34 millennial bracket - a highly esteemed demographic among advertisers.