VMAs 2015: Nobody really knows who this woman is who came dressed as a giant candle

Apparently she is a singer by the name of Z LaLa.

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The MTV Video Music Awards were full of famous people last night, but while the red carpet is usually the place where you can point at clearly recognisable people and maybe take a photo of them, sometimes it’s the people who aren’t very recognisable that are the most interesting.

Case in point: a woman who turned up at the event 'sporting' an elaborately gelled quiff that made her look like a giant candle.

She complimented the outfit with pair of eyelashes that wouldn’t look out of place on a VW Beetle.

Some people pointed out that, by wearing a big dress that looks like it's constructed from giant helium balloons, she was emulating garish dresser and fan of bacon-couture Lady Gaga, but even she hasn’t gone for an outfit that makes her look like a 17th century candlestick.


A quick Google revealed that the demure lady is in fact a singer who goes by the name of Z LaLa. but during the evening’s festivities, which included Justin Bieber crying and Kanye West sort-of-lying, most people were trying to figure out who Z LaLa was.

Some people pointed out that the name 'Z LaLa' even sounds like Lady Gaga, sort of.

The singer has released a number of singles and an album, Zilosophy, in 2011, which includes tracks such as "Hush, Be Quiet Cocky" and "Sexual Sandy".