Will Young says Kanye West represents the worst of people who have money

The singer dismisses the 'arrogance' of Kanye, which is quite arrogant of him

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Will Young has said he thinks Kanye West is ‘awful’ and that the rapper’s arrogance completely eclipses his merit as a musician.

Speaking to the BBC, Will was talking about the music that had the biggest impact on his life, from The Beatles to Lauryn Hill.

But when asked what his least favourite album was, the singer said ‘Anything by Kanye West’.

“His arrogance completely over-runs him as a musician. He’s so audacious and opulent,” he said.

“It shows the worst of people who have loads of money. Massive weddings, opulent engagements. Who is this man? And why do we laud these people?”

He said he was more interested in the frailty of music than the arrogant antics of musicians like Kanye, who are regularly in the press for saying he is “Shakespeare in the flesh” and his ego is weightier than a marble table.

Young says he ‘refused’ to see West perform at Glastonbury, and that he would refuse to listen to his music.

It's a shame he's not a fan, though, because the two have a surprising amount in common.

Like Kanye, Will prefers not to keep his opinions to himself, whether he's admitting what talking to Simon Cowell is really like to comparing the general election to a 'wet fart'.