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Sir Hugh Walter Kingwell Wontner, of Hedsor, Buckinghamshire, president and former chairman and managing director of the Savoy Group, Clerk of the Royal Kitchens, and former Lord Mayor of London, left estate valued at pounds 2,598,923 net. He left his shares and stock in Milbourne Investments Ltd (or any issued in substitution) to the Sir Hugh Wontner's Charitable Trust.

Mr Maurice Ivor Forsyth-Grant, of Rhydspence, Herefordshire, the electronic engineer, left estate valued at pounds 905,310 net. He left his books on the history of organ construction, his organ music and organ periodicals to the Music Library of York University; 28/29ths of his residuary estate to personal legatees; and one-29th of his residuary estate equally between the Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association, Musician's Benevolent Fund, Cats Protection League, RNLI, RAF Benevolent Fund and NSPCC.

Professor Ilie Neustadt, of Leicester, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Leicester University, left estate valued at pounds 277,865 net. He left pounds 5,000 to the Department of Sociology at Leicester University; and pounds 500 each to the Jewish Welfare Board and Oxfam.

Mr Oliver Gregory, of Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire, the interior designer, left estate valued at pounds 705,267 net.

Lt-Gen Sir Willam Gregory Huddlesdon Pike, of Bentley, Hampshire, former Director of Staff Duties at the War Office, Chief of Staff Far East Land Forces and Vice-Chief of the Imperial General Staff, left estate valued at pounds 190,915 net.

Mrs Margery Lilian Edith Fisher, of Ashton, Hampshire, the writer on children's literature, and editor for 30 years of Growing Point, left estate valued at pounds 274,067 net.

Professor Edwin Arthur Peel, of High Callerton, Northumberland, Professor of Education at Birmingham University 1950-78, and president of the British Psychological Society 1961-62, left estate valued at pounds 182,079 net.

Canon John Robert Joughin Kerruish, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, Canon Emeritus of Salisbury Cathedral and Waynflete Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, left estate valued at pounds 442,415 net. After personal bequests of pounds 43,000, he left pounds 1,000 to the Athenaeum, London, and his home and contents and the residue of his estate to Magdalen College, Oxford.