Wimbledon 2015: Serena Williams has words for noisy crowd during Heather Watson match

The US player knocked out British favourite Heather Watson

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Tennis ace Serena Williams had words for the crowd at Wimbledon during her gruelling match against British player Heather Watson.

During the fraught match, won by Williams 6-2 4-6 7-5, the usually quiet crowd was rowdily in favour of the 23-year-old player currently ranked 59 in the world. 

Following one particularly drawn-out set, Williams turned to the umpire to ask that he remind the crowd to keep the noise levels down.

Her remarks to the umpire were met with loud boos from the crowd.

Swinging round, the 33-year-old shook her finger at the Wimbledon audience as cameras captured her telling them: “Don’t try me.”

US commentators were behind Williams, noting that the crowd – who are expected to remain silent during rallys and are not supposed to applaud a net cord or a double fault – had been unusually noisy.

Despite her reception on the court, Williams had nothing but praise for fellow player Watson following the match. “I have had some tough losses but that was the toughest match," she said.

She continued: "She could get beyond the top 20, she is playing really well. She should set her sights higher. She was playing so good there was nothing I could do."

Watson had previously said that Williams, described by some sports’ commentators as one of the best female players in history, had been one of her heroes growing up.