Yasmin Le Bon on how she's faced her 'running battle' with depression

Former eighties supermodel candidly discussed her mental health

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Model Yasmin le Bon has spoken of her “running battle” with depression every day.

Le Bon, who was one of the best known and paid models of the eighties, spoke about mental health and her daily struggle maintaining a healthy and happy outlook.

“I have had real depression,’ she told Red Magazine. “It’s a running battle every day and I’ve worked very hard at it. I’m in control of it but it’s there all the time.

“I’m not frightened of it any more, I can talk about it. That beast is not going to rear her ugly head today, I’m just not going to let her.”


The 50-year-old model, who married Duran Duran singer Simon in 1985, said: “You talk yourself into a dark hole and it’s incredibly bleak. You are completely on your own in those moments.”

But, she added, it was important to remember that there is the “science, knowledge and understanding to put it right” telling readers: “You are not a failure, it’s an illness.”

In the wide-ranging interview Le Bon, who has three daughters with the singer, describes her “chaotic” home and how her 30-year marriage to the Duran Duran frontman endured, hinting that it was separation that kept them together.