Zayn Malik ends burgeoning bromance with Naughty Boy: 'Stop pretending we're friends'

The singer tweeted his producer mate saying that, actually, they're not mates.

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Zayn Malik, pop star and former fifth best dancer in One Direction, has continued his reign as 'most interesting person on Twitter' by calling out producer Naughty Boy for sucking up to him.

Even if you didn’t know who Naughty Boy was BZL (that’s Before Zayn Left) you’ll probably know him now because he’s regularly in the press talking about his good friend Zayn.

Not only did Zayn release a track with the producer shortly after leaving the band, but Naughty Boy started flaunting his relationship with the singer so much that mild-mannered Louis Tomlinson got riled.

He even came up with the portmanteau ‘zaughty’ but this has not exactly caught on in the wider lexicon.

The blissful union between the two has been violently torn apart, however, with Zayn tweeting him and calling him a fat joke.

Zayn’s frank put-down throws their whole relationship on its head.

Was it all smoke and mirrors? Was Zayn annoyed that Naughty Boy was pretending they were mates? How many times have they actually been in a room together?

Did Zayn even consent to ‘zaughty’ ?

Fans were relishing in the drama, with #ZaynHasNoChill showing fans making CD cases, cardholders and other paraphernalia with print-outs of the now-iconic words.

Some people suggested Naughty Boy should be chucked in a bin, which is quite harsh, but emotions are clearly running high at the moment.

Other level-headed internet detectives postulated that Zayn’s Twitter might have been hacked, which would have been awfully convenient, but let’s not forget the Rita Ora was hacked at the precise moment she was doing something embarrassing.

The entire saga took another dramatic twist, however, when Zayn followed up his tweet with something less cryptic:

Is he referring to the footage of his music video? Is Zayn implying that a certain Boy who is sometimes Naughty had something to do with the video leak?

Several of the Independent’s most prolific conspiracy theorists put on our detective hats and kept looking at the video, trying to see if it is indeed Naughty Boy seen in the reflection of the screen.


We have not come to a conclusive opinion on the matter yet, but as Youtuber ‘Rochelle Styles’ notes: “[Zayn]’s career is being fried in naughty boy’s sweat”.