PINOCHET RULING: The Ex-Dictators: Where Can They Hide Now?

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General Idi

Amin Dada

Former dictator fled Uganda with one of his wives and several children after being deposed in l979, leaving a bankrupt country. He found refuge in Saudi Arabia. General Amin is not allowed to travel, and is said to have been ill from a sexually transmitted disease.

President Jean Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier.

Took over as father of his people in Haiti from Papa Doc Duvalier. Moved to south of France after being ousted, but lost his luxury home in Cote d'Azur to creditors and wife to a neighbour. Lives in downmarket flat. Said to travel within France, but not outside.

Emperor Jean Bedel Bokassa

Changed the name of his country, Central African Republic, to Central African Empire, and crowned himself emperor. Lived in exile at a Normandy chateau. Arrested on return to his homeland. Tried and sentence to life imprisonment. Has become a born-again Christian.

General Alfredo Stroessner

A fellow Latin American dictator of Pinochet's in Paraguay, ruling his country for 35 years. A brutal suppressor of unions and left-wing opposition he enjoyed the support of the CIA. Lost power in l989 and now lives in Brazil where he rarely leaves his apartment.


Jorge Serrano

Carried out coup against own government to gain power in Guatemala. Now in exile in Panama where he has a multi-million-pound property development company. Business associates include Manuel Noriega. Mr Serrano is reported to have travelled incognito outside Panama.


Leopoldo Galtieri

Failed to win the Falklands from Britain, and fell from power in Argentina soon afterwards. Spent time under semi house arrest and now lives in a run-down apartment block in Buenos Aires with his wife, Lucia, working as a caretaker. Does not travel outside Argentina.



President of Indonesia for 30 years, taking power from Sukarno with a massacre of left-wingers. Invaded East Timor where Indonesian troops carried out atrocities. Overthrown in May. Family allegedly salted away pounds 15bn abroad but former president still living in Indonesia.


Raoul Cedras

Came to power in Haiti after Baby Doc, and fled to Panama in l994 after a coup. Apparently tried to get involved in former president Serrano's property business, but was snubbed. Not considered to be in the premier league of former dictators. Not known to travel.