Plans to broadcast scenes from sexually explicit video on Internet condemned by campaigners

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Plans to broadcast scenes from a sexually explicit video on the Internet have been condemned by campaigners, who say the scheme will expose under-age children to pornography. The makers of Fantasy Sex, which includes scenes of oral sex, bondage, group sex and lesbianism, say that the video is educational and has been given an 18 certificate.

Family values lobbyists said it has nothing to do with sex education and will corrupt children who surf the Internet without their parents' supervision. Valerie Riches, director of Family and Youth Concern, said: "This sort of thing is not educational at all, it is pornography." The video was defended by its creators, Tony and Wendy Duffield, who became famous in 1994 for making love with a camera inside Ms Duffield's body for Desmond Morris's BBC1 science programme The Human Animal. Mr Duffield said: "All that we have done is bring out into the open the private thoughts and fantasies of many men and women."