Platforms shaved to fit new trains

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RAILTRACK IS having to spend pounds 2 million to trim platform edges because of a "wrong kind of train" problem.

Additional equipment on new sliding-door trains to be used on routes in south-east England has made them wider and has meant a few millimetres being shaved off platform edges.

The new Class 375 trains, costing pounds 170m, include 45 four-coach trains and 10 three-coach ones and will replace slam-door rolling stock.

Railtrack is paying for the work at present, but may try to claim the money back later from either the Derby trainmaker Adtranz or the operator, Connex South Eastern.

Trimming work has already been carried out on the Faversham to Dover line in Kent and other stations on the Hastings line north of Tonbridge in Kent will also be shaved. Between 10 and 20 stations are affected.

Railtrack denied the new trains were too big and stressed that the problem had arisen because of "mind the gap" changes that Railtrack was introducing on the distance between trains and platforms.