Police called to help fashion new look fashion police uniforms

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Britain's police could get a new look after officers have their say on how their "bulky and hot" uniforms could be updated.

As part of a police working group, a questionnaire is being sent to around 12,000 police officers in England and Wales asking whether the traditional helmet should be kept, as well as what they think about the rest of their uniform.

Metropolitan Police federation branch chairman Mike Bennett said there were some "weird suggestions being put about", including Bermuda shorts in summer. Police in Manchester had already opted for caps rather than helmets, he said, adding: "There are people who say they don't want the helmet - but the flat cap gives you no protection whatsoever."

Manchester police had also opted for a blouson instead of the tunic. But Mr Bennett said this was not popular in the Met: "We live in an age of anoraks and I think the anorak meets all the criteria that individuals want in the modern age." He added that assurances had been given that officers in London would not lose the helmet - one of the capital's most distinctive sights for tourists.

The results of the survey are likely to be published in October and will go to the Association of Chief Police Officers' Uniform Project Group.