President In Crisis: What they're saying

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"It had been our hope that this process would be bipartisan and fair. Unfortunately, today's action was neither."

White House spokesman Barry Toiv speaking after the decision to release the video was announced

"We're trying not to be guided by polls, but by our instinct and principles."

Henry Hyde, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee

"You think there was graphic sexual material in the report itself? Just wait, there is even more."

Investigator Abbe Lowell

"It just seems to me the House within a few days has turned into a snake pit and a war room."

David Obey, Democrat representative for Wisconsin, commenting on the Capitol Hill atmosphere

"She is not eager to be going through all these procedures."

Plato Cacheris, Monica Lewinsky's lawyer

"This is designed for the maximum feasible embarrassment of the president."

New York Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler

"You have to look at every context, every nuance. The release of the tape and of these other details has been made essential by the President's own conduct."

Bob Barr, Republican representative for Georgia

"The constitution has not been served ... we are dealing with a politicisation of a question that should have been given full scrutiny."

John Conyers, Democrat Representative for Michigan