Propaganda campaign to stop people voting

Election Countdown
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An extensive propaganda campaign is being carried out by extremist political groups to stop people from voting in the general election.Thousands of pamphlets and leaflets have been distributed across the country attacking the main parties, and with the insistent message that nothing can be changed through the ballot box.

The posters are abusive, one has photos of Tony Blair, John Major, and Paddy Ashdown with the headline " wankers", while another urged "Vote Blair for another Tory government, F*** the election".

The "wankers" poster is produced by the Committee of Public Safety. The one accusing Tony Blair of heralding another Tory government is being distributed by the Anti-Election Alliance.

But following the few clues on the material tend to lead towards a much more familiar name from the annals of British anarchism, Class War.

The Committee of Public Safety gives a box number in Colston Street, Bristol. But a trawl through left-wing agitprop groups as well as police sources led to the consensus that the committee is almost certainly Class War. Bristol is the headquarters of the group.

The Anti-Election Alliance's box number leads back to 27 Old Gloucester Street, in Covent Garden, central London. The address houses a telephone message box, as well as box number for a variety of fringe political groups including the Revolutionary Communist Party and the Revolutionary Conservative Caucus.

A series of messages left for Class War eventually led to a call from a man named Dave, who said he represented the organisation. He claimed the politicians "are taking the public for a ride" and claimed the election was a pointless, expensive exercise.

At 27 Old Gloucester Street, Bruno Waterfield, of the Revolutionary Communist Party stated it was certainly opposed to the election, but was not aware the Anti-Election Alliance was part of the RCP.