Road rage `worst on Fridays'

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Road rage is at its worst on Fridays because motorists gradually build up their aggression and stress levels during the week, it was claimed yesterday.

AXA Insurance said almost one in five of the 30,000 insurance claims for vehicle damage and accidents last year involved incidents on Fridays. The company also found that 40 per cent of the 520 drivers it quizzed admitted behaving aggressively on the road when feeling stressed or tired.

The company said its research earlier this month suggested that drivers get increasingly aggressive and careless as the week goes by, "culminating in Friday mayhem". Andy Tait, head of the firm's motor division, said: "Our 24-hour claims helpline becomes inundated with calls on Fridays. This is more than twice the amount which we receive for Sundays. "We worry that UK drivers might start to follow the trend set by French and Italian drivers, who go mad leaving Paris and Rome for the weekend."