School-leavers fail attitude test

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TODAY'S school-leavers may score highly on computer skills, but many need a big improvement in their attitude, personal skills and ability to communicate, says a new report.

The education system is doing a reasonable overall job, but is failing to teach basic standards of literacy, numeracy and verbal communications skills, according to a survey of more than 200 company chief executives. They also voice concern that many school and college leavers have not been instilled with the right social skills and attitudes necessary for the adult world.

The survey, released by the management company Executives on Assignment, blamed central government and its lack of financial support for education, and parents, rather than teachers or pupils.

Chief executives taking part in the study said that instead of schools providing more vocational training, they should concentrate on improving standards of written and verbal communication, including grammar, numeracy and an understanding of how to behave at work.