Schools starved of technology cash

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Schools starved of technology cash

Schools are not being given enough money to run proper technology courses, according to a report published today.

The average amount spent on each pupil according to the latest figures was pounds 5.86 compared with the pounds 9.30 recommended by the Design and Technology Association. There are big differences between schools with funding ranging from 40p to pounds 21.10 per pupil. Two-thirds of schools do not have the right equipment to teach GCSE courses.

The report, published by the Engineering Council, says that the previous government's policy of funding a few technology colleges and city technology colleges has failed to fulfil its aim of delivering good technology for all. Yet pounds 10m a year would give schools enough money to run technology courses properly. There should also be a rolling programme of capital investment, the report says.

Technology in Secondary Schools; by Alan Smithers and Pamela Robinson, published by the Engineering Council. Judith Judd