Blue moon pictures: Stunning photos from across the world

Friday night's blue moon was the first since 2012 - and will be the last until 2018

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A blue moon was visible around the world last night, leading to some stunning photography of the rare lunar event.

The name blue moon is in fact somewhat of a misnomer as, rather than being literally tinted with the colour, the phenomenon is an additional full moon that appears on top of the monthly regular. We won't have to wait too long for the next full moon, that's 14 August, but it will be 2018 before the next blue moon comes around.

Here are some of the most stunning images from last night's event from all around the world:

U.S Capitol Building

The blue moon rises over Washington's US Capitol Building.

Blue moon through leaves

Leaves silhouetted against the blue moon in London.

Glastonbury Tor

Lunar enthusiasts clambered up to Glastonbury Tor to gain a stunning view.


The moon rises over a statue on the Whitely Bay Dome, Tyneside.


So bright was the blue moon in certain areas that it almost resembled the sun. Seen here over a cyclist in Italy.

Loosely Row

The moon seen over Loosely Row, just outside of Princes Risborough.

Kansas theme park

A girl is silhouetted against the moon as she rides an attraction at an amusement park in Kansas City.