Christmas Day full moon to appear in the UK sky for the first time in 38 years

There won't be another full moon on Christmas Day until 2034

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A full moon is set to appear in the Christmas sky tomorrow, for the first time in 38 years.

The full moon is the last of the year, and is the first to occur on Christmas Day since 1977 - and there won't be another until 2034, so it's worth braving the cold to go out and see this rare spectacle.

According to Nasa, the full mooon is set to peak in brightness and visibility at the auspicious time of 11:11pm on 25 December, but it will naturally be bright in the sky throughout the day.

Unfortunately, it's set to be pretty cloudy over the whole of the UK on Christmas Day, and for much of Christmas Eve - so the chances of actually seeing the full moon are slim.

However, you might be able to see it peeking through the clouds in southern parts of the UK as the night goes on.

At any rate, you'll have a better chance of seeing the moon than the International Space Station, which is (theoretically) visible over the UK on Christmas Eve. The thick cloud cover will make it very difficult to spot, however.