How much do you know about life, the universe and everything? Take the quiz

Brian Clegg has written a new book that is being described as the 'pub quiz bible' for anyone who loves science

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How many hairs are there on the human head... and who invented the gramophone?

A book by science author Brian CleggHow Many Moons Does The Earth Have?, is being described as the "pub quiz bible" for anyone enthusiastic or curious about science.  

Clegg studied physics at Cambridge University and specialises in "making the strangest aspects of the universe – from infinity to time travel and quantum theory – accessible to the general reader".

His previous books include Science for Life, Light Years, Inflight Science, Build Your Own Time Machine, and The Quantum Age.

Using questions from the book we've put together a quiz so you can test your own knowledge of science:


Let us know how you get on in the comments. How Many Moons Does The Earth Have? is out now