Man plays guitar while undergoing brain surgery

A Brazilian man plays guitar to remain conscious during removal of brain tumour

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Anthony Kulkamp Dias, a 33-year old Brazilian bank worker, performed a Beatles classic for the team of surgeons operating on his brain tumour.

The video shot by one of the medical team shows Dias horizontal, strumming on a guitar and singing the Beatles’ iconic song ‘ Yesterday’.

The lyrics, “yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…” had added pertinence considering the unique situation Dias found himself in.

There was a medical explanation behind the impromptu singsong with doctors keeping Dias awake in order to conduct ‘cerebral monitoring’, which a spokesperson reportedly said is “important to prevent injuries that occur in the sensory, motor and speech areas of the brain.”

Through his performance, Dias was able to provide real-time feedback about how the surgery was affecting his brain.

The surgery was reportedly a success and Dias was discharged yesterday.