Nasa images reveal mammoth storm on Saturn 20 times bigger than average earth hurricane


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Nasa has released startling images of a swirling storm at Saturn’s north pole which is 20 times larger than an average hurricane on earth and has winds four times as powerful.

The eye of the storm is estimated to measure 1,250 miles across and looks like a rose due to its thin, bright clouds which are moving on the outer edge of the hurricane.

The images were captured by Nasa's Cassini spacecraft and shows the hurricane moving inside a mysterious, larger six-sided weather pattern known as The Hexagon.

It is thought that the storm has been spinning in the same place for years because it has been locked to Saturn’s north pole unlike terrestrial storms which can move.

Scientists were surprised by the image because of its close resemblance to hurricanes on earth and plan to study it further to gain greater insight into earth weather, particularly hurricanes which feed off warm ocean water.

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