Rosetta: Professor's reaction to Philae landing is a scientifically accurate picture of joy

"Sorry, now I'm trying to be a professional scientist"

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If there was one reaction that summed up the sheer joy felt by Rosetta scientists after years of work, worry and waiting it was that of Monica Grady.

The Open University professor was caught by BBC cameras as it was announced that the Philae probe has successfully landed on comet 67P and for many her jubilant response sums up the success of the mission.

“It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful!” she exclaimed, before apologising for embracing BBC science editor David Shukman. “I’ve waited years for this and I’m just so excited, I’m going to cry!”

Well, transcribing Professor Grady’s reaction hardly does it justice – and we can only recommend you watch the video below:

In terms of the mission, the ESA is currently briefing the press about the latest news, but after a bouncy landing on the surface the scientists have confirmed that Philae is sitting safely on the surface of the comet and the scientific work can begin.