Solar eclipse UK: spectacle ends, next one in Britain not expected for decades

There won’t be another comparable eclipse until 2026, and the next full one won't be until 2090

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The UK’s solar eclipse has come to an end, marking the last time one will be seen until 2026.

The event, which was the most total eclipse since 1999, was marked by disappointment across lots of the UK. A big weather front brought grey cloud that obscured the view for many watching. The eclipse was partial across much of the UK, giving between 80 per cent and 90 per cent coverage depending on where in the country it was seen from.


In 2026, an eclipse will cover similar areas — it will be total in Iceland and across the Atlantic ocean, and give between 83 per cent and 95 per cent coverage in different parts of the UK.

A total eclipse will then be seen in 2090. That one will be similar to the eclipse in 1999, though it will happen slightly more to the north. Like that eclipse, the maximum duration will be in Cornwall.