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The 10 Best science kits


1. Chemistry Lab

£19.99, sbdirect.biz

This set has all the things to fire a teen's interest in practical science, including 20 chemicals and the all-important spirit burner and test tube.

2. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

£14.99, amazon.co.uk

Fledgling David Bellamys can raise caterpillars into Painted Lady butterflies in the hatching cabinet and then release them.

3. Green Science Potato Clock

£10.99, toysrus.co.uk

Harness the power of an old spud to power your own DIY bedside clock – a great way to get youngsters enthused by science.

4. Air+Water Power Science Kit

£32.99, curiousminds.co.uk

Build your own step-by-step air- or water-powered car, tank or helicopter with this 160-piece set.

5. Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Super Scien-Triffic

£19.99, play.com

Make floating eggs, turn cream into butter and create icebergs with this kit based on the TV show.

6. Star Theatre Pro

£119.99, firebox.com

A star system in a cardboard box, this revolving 10,000-star projector allows you to explore the stars of the near cosmos and its constellations.

7. Science Tricks

£12, sciencemuseum shop.co.uk

Magic is just science that hasn't been proved. With this kit, kids can act like a real magician, and learn the science behind the tricks.

8. New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit

£25, thetoyshop.com

All ages will enjoy learning about the real-life techniques of forensics experts from New Scotland Yard.

9. Weird Slime Laboratory

£16.99, whsmith.co.uk

Children can make blood clots and grow their own pretend tapeworm with this "weird science" kit, which is curriculum-based.

10. Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Wind Power

£30.58, amazon.co.uk

This one lets you build a working wind turbine, the power from which can then be used to lift miniature weights and more.