The 10 Best science kits


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1. Chemistry Lab


This set has all the things to fire a teen's interest in practical science, including 20 chemicals and the all-important spirit burner and test tube.

2. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden


Fledgling David Bellamys can raise caterpillars into Painted Lady butterflies in the hatching cabinet and then release them.

3. Green Science Potato Clock


Harness the power of an old spud to power your own DIY bedside clock – a great way to get youngsters enthused by science.

4. Air+Water Power Science Kit


Build your own step-by-step air- or water-powered car, tank or helicopter with this 160-piece set.

5. Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Super Scien-Triffic


Make floating eggs, turn cream into butter and create icebergs with this kit based on the TV show.

6. Star Theatre Pro


A star system in a cardboard box, this revolving 10,000-star projector allows you to explore the stars of the near cosmos and its constellations.

7. Science Tricks

£12, sciencemuseum

Magic is just science that hasn't been proved. With this kit, kids can act like a real magician, and learn the science behind the tricks.

8. New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit


All ages will enjoy learning about the real-life techniques of forensics experts from New Scotland Yard.

9. Weird Slime Laboratory


Children can make blood clots and grow their own pretend tapeworm with this "weird science" kit, which is curriculum-based.

10. Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Wind Power


This one lets you build a working wind turbine, the power from which can then be used to lift miniature weights and more.