The Independent-Bosch Technology Horizons Award

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Launched March 2006

Fancy seeing your name in print? The Independent, Bosch and The Royal Academy of Engineering are launching the new Technology Horizons Award, which offers 14- to 24-year-old students the opportunity to have their work printed in The Independent - and win cash prizes up to £750! If you're keen to share your interest in engineering or technology with hundreds of thousands of readers, here's your chance.

To launch the award, The Independent, Bosch and The Royal Academy of Engineering are highlighting the influence of one of Britain's greatest and most innovative engineers, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth this year, the Technology Horizons Award looks back at the many lasting feats of engineering Brunel created, from bridges to railway lines to docks. These achievements did not only make significant advancements in their day, they have also left a fantastic legacy, and they continue to ignite the passion and creativity of today's engineers.

Brunel's ethos of creating technology that improves people's lives for a long period of time is shared by Bosch, who, with the slogan 'invented for life' pledge to support new generations of engineers as they develop the technological advances of the future.

The obvious partners for the Bosch Technology Horizons Award are award-winning newspaper The Independent, and the highly respected national Royal Academy of Engineering. Together, these progressive-thinking organisations ask you to write: 'what is your vision of the next technological revolution?'. The most exciting, imaginative and inspiring answers will win both cash and column inches. To find out more, and to enter the competition, please refer to