The Ten Best PDAs

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1 BlackBerry Pearl
From free to £119.99

Your e-mails reach you wherever you are (you decide if that's a good thing). Much lighter than any previous e-mail phone, it also has a camera.; 08454 125 000

2 HP iPaq hw6915 Mobile Messenger £450

The only product you need. It includes a camera, a slot for a phone sim card and Push Email.; 08705 474 747

3 Dell Axim X51V

This has a great 3.7-inch screen, speedy performance for playing MP3s or games, and wi-fi connectivity. PC-compatible only.; 08709 075 818

4 Palm Tungsten E2

Palm's best-kept secret. It's the most stylish model in the range, but it's also the best value. It has Bluetooth connectivity, andyour data is safe if the battery runs flat.; 0118-974 2700

5 Samsung SGH-i320
Price to be announced

A would-be BlackBerry-killer. It has a Qwerty keypad, Bluetooth, and a camera, although no wi-fi.;

0800 925 925

6 Palm TX

Stylish and good value. You can switch the view from portrait to landscape to look at files easily. It's powerful, too, with wi-fi built in.; 0118-974 2700

7 Palm LifeDrive

Less a PDA, more a tiny computer. Bluetooth and wi-fi connections enable you to surf the net, and you can use it as your MP3 player.; 0118-974 2700

8 Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N520 £360

There's no excuse for getting lost because this one has satellite navigation built in. It also has wi-fi and Word, Excel and PowerPoint.; 0800 004 003

9 Asus MyPal A639 Price to be announced

The chummily named MyPal A639 offers wi-fi and Bluetooth, as well as a huge amount of memory (1GB) and built-in GPS for satellite navigation.; 01442 202 700

10 Nokia E61 From free with contract

This is a Nokia 3G mobile phone. It's great for typing texts, documents or e-mails, not least thanks to its excellent Qwerty keyboard.; 08080 365 366