The Ten Best: Sat-nav systems

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1. ViaMichelin X950T, £350

The X950T uses Michelin Green Guide content to guide you to the best restaurants, hotels and sights.It's light enough for portable use, too. ; 020-7365 1878

2. HP iPAQ hw6915, £450

This gadget is a combined mobile phone, digital camera, GPS and even a wireless PDA. The small thumb-board is slower than a real keyboard.; 08452 704 222

3. Fujitsu Siemens LOOX N100, £270

The pocket-sized LOOX is incredibly easy to use, with a 2.8-inch touchscreen and a sensitive GPS antenna. Navigation is fast, easy and reliable.; 0800 004 003

4. Navman iCN750, £400

The Navman's digital camera can save co-ordinates alongside grainy snaps. Simply touch the photo on the screen for instant directions back.; 01978 729 941

5. Mio P550, £310

This PDA can do everything a dedicated sat nav can - plus it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Skype. The screen displays directions in bold colours.; 09054 640 010

6. Sony Nav-U NV-U70, £350

Sony is a relative newcomer but this plug-and-play unit is a good effort. The 3.5-inch screen is bright and it announces roads by name.; 08705 111 999

7 .Garmin Forerunner 305, £260

Wear this wrist-mounted GPS system while running and it will track your speed, distance and heart rate - later, download the data to your PC.; 01794 519 944

8. Tom Tom GO 910, £500

The Tom Tom isn't just the fastest navigator here, it's an in-car computer. You can store MP3s and even link to your Bluetooth mobile phone.; 08451 610 009

9. Magellan Explorist XL, £400

This waterproof GPS unit has a European base map and batteries that last up to 19 hours. You can buy more maps on SD memory cards.; 00 800 6243 5526

10. Alpine NVE-N099P/D310R, £2,200

This unit recreates the feel of buttons using vibrations and sound. Pan-European navigation includes 100,000 cities. Plays CDs and DVDs. ; 08703 333 761