Two astronauts are posting jaw-dropping Vines, timelapses and photos from space

The Aurora, Sahara, lightning, sunrises and more have all been captured beautifully

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Chris Hadfield has competition in the 'Earth's favourite astronaut' stakes, with Nasa's Reid Wiseman and ESA's Alexander Gerst posting incredible content captured from the International Space Station on their Twitter feeds.

I don't know if the pair have actually been conducting any research, but they seem to be having a whale of a time taking videos, timelapses, Vines, photos and panoramas on the ISS, their enthusiasm being clear from their exclamation mark-laden tweets.

The pair have so far shown off the Earth's beauty like never before, posting some fascinating demonstrations of zero gravity, inserting cameras into water bubbles and giving insight into daily life at the station - here's some of their best tweets (may take a few seconds to load):

1. The Aurora Borealis looks even more beautiful from space

2. The eye of a Super Typhoon

3. A truly stunning timelapse of lightning, a sunrise and more over the Earth

4. Hawaiian shirt Friday is a thing!

5. A mind-bending water bubble Vine

6. More micro-gravity fun

7. The Sahara looking like a cheetah

8. Tons of insane aerial views

9. Yep

10. Houston to Buffalo at night

11. And the streets of Dallas looking like capillaries

12. Europe was passed

13. And London was snapped

14. Generally the ISS looks like a pretty fun place to be

15. Until you have to take your pants off