Video: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield sings David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' from space


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Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield has been sharing his experiences of living in space with us over the past five months.

However, as his mission draws to a close, Hadfield has put together a fitting farewell to mark the end of his time in space through a rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity". In the video the Canadian Astronaut, armed with an acoustic guitar, sings Bowie's classic as he floats through the ship.

The cover has proved so successful that Bowie has even tweeted about Hadfield's version: CHRIS HADFIELD SINGS SPACE ODDITY IN SPACE! “Hallo Spaceboy...”

The Canadian astronaut has become an Internet phenomenon through his videos and photos from the International Space Station which he has shared via Twitter. His use of social media has helped to reignite interest in space and raise awareness. He will be returning on Monday.  

In a tweet Hadfield said: "Almost time to leave Station. Hard to express all of my emotions, but mostly gratitude. I came here on behalf of so many people - thank you."

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