Scotland Yard team set to tackle police corruption

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A team of detectives has been set up to tackle corruption within Scotland Yard, it emerged yesterday. The new unit of the Metropolitan Police's Complaints Investigation Bureau, CIB3, will take a pro-active role in identifying and investigating corrupt officers, rather than waiting for complaints. It is headed by Detective Superintendent Dave Woods and has a staff of about 50 hand-picked detectives.

Meanwhile, in the courts, the police yesterday faced three cases of alleged wrong-doing: a man who spent more than five years in jail after police officers from a West Midlands squad made up his "confession" was awarded pounds 200,000 compensation; a black couple won more than pounds 60,000 after they were allegedly beaten by police when they complained about a "violent" arrest; and police officers traded heroin for information on crimes, an inquest heard, although police denied any drugs had been bought by officers.