Silcott faces block to damages bid

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The family of murdered policeman Keith Blakelock could take legal action to block damages awarded to Winston Silcott - the man cleared by the Appeal Court of his killing during riots in 1985.

The Metropolitan Police Federation confirmed on Sunday night that it was exploring legal moves to help the family bring a civil case. A spokesman said: "We are looking at ways of Mrs Blakelock and her sons getting legal aid to put a stay on any award Silcott gets ... he is constantly making waves for the family and causing problems. We would like him to have some problems of his own for a change. It is about time the public knew the truth and this is one way of it coming out."

Silcott, 37, who is serving a life sentence for a different murder, was convicted of hacking to death PC Blakelock during riots in Tottenham, London. The verdict was later quashed by the Court of Appeal after hearing evidence that police had tampered with interview evidence.