Sinn Fein voices its 'anger'

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Hundreds of Sinn Fein delegates gathered in Dublin yesterday to assess the peace process, against a background of growing gloom and anger within the republican movement, writes David McKittrick.

Senior Sinn Fein strategist Martin McGuinness highlighted republicans' anger at the British Government's insistence the IRA must disarm before it can take part in all-party talks. "Republicans are very angry and very frustrated at the refusal of the British Government to engage in the politics of this process," he told delegates. "The leadership of Sinn Fein shares that anger. But my message today is that we should not despair or lose hope."

Republicans characterise London's response to the IRA ceasefire as begrudging, half-hearted and glacially slow, with no movement on either talks or matters such as the transfer of IRA prisoners.