Mhairi Black criticises Tories for 'sniggering' at Jeremy Corbyn's questions during PMQs

The youngest MP in the House of Commons criticised Tories for laughing at Corbyn's questions from the benches

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Mhairi Black has accused Tory backbenchers of "sniggering" at the questions submitted by members of the public during Jeremy Corbyn's first appearance at PMQs.

Shortly after Prime Minister’s Questions finished, Ms Black tweeted: “Tories sniggering every time Corbyn mentions a member of the public's name. At least they are real people, unlike those the DWP made up.”

Mr Corbyn said he was going to bring about a new era of PMQs, by taking questions from the public to put forward to the Prime Minister. At the beginning of the session he said he had ‘more than 40,000’ questions submitted.

These included a question from ‘Marie’ about the "chronic" lack of affordable housing in the country and also discussed tax credits and mental health – a topical question as Corbyn adds the role of Minister for Mental Health to his shadow cabinet.

Black’s tweet also referenced the Department for Work and Pensions scandal which saw Iain Duncan Smith criticized for the use of fake testimonials in leaflets about those getting back into work after being unemployed.


The Scottish MP gained notoriety early on in her post not only for her age but also for her no nonsense take on the attitudes of Tory MPs in parliament. She was quick to call out the 'braying' nature of PMQs.

She also took the Conservative government to task in her maiden speech, launching a scathing attack on the country's welfare system.


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