Society: Parents trusted as drugs advisers

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Parents have been named the best source of advice on drugs by schoolchildren, according to a report published today.

However, the survey by the Health Education Authority found television was named as the most common source of information, followed by newspapers and magazines, posters and friends.

More than 5,000 11 to 35-year-olds were questioned about where they find out about drugs, for the report to launch Drug Awareness Month.

The campaign is being backed by Blockbuster video shops which will be offering booklets on drugs and solvents, free loan of a BBC 999 Lifesavers Drug Education Video and showing in-store promotional videos.

HEA drugs campaign manager Hannah Cinamon said: "Giving out a good range of high-quality information in easily accessible places is vital if we are going to raise awareness about the dangers of taking drugs ... for without this there can be no meaningful dialogue about drugs at home."