Suede foot the bill for Bob Dylan's ego

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The longevity of Sixties rock stars was bound to upset the younger generation of bands sooner or later. It has finally happened with a titanic clash of monster egos past and present.

Representing the over-fifties, global fame and 30 years on the road is Bob Dylan. Representing the new wave, a couple of albums and a young cult following is the British band, Suede. Both are appearing at the Phoenix festival near Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, on Friday. Both insist on topping the bill.

Dylan's is not an ego to trifle with. He recently took legal action against the San Francisco bus station for advertising a new timetable with one of his song titles, "The Times They Are A Changing". But Suede are learning fast. They threatened to pull out if they did not top the bill. For anyone over 35 and of sound mind, the solution is clear. Bob Dylan tops the bill, God is second and Suede about 11th. But the organisers, keen to attract a young audience, have tried to accommodate all egos. And so the first poster had Dylan at the top above Suede. The next print run had Dylan at the top followed by a blank space as Suede's lawyers considered their situation. And the current poster has Dylan at the top with Suede at the bottom, but in a white box highlighted by stars.

Honour seems to be satisfied, but there is still the small matter of who will actually come on stage last. A festival spokeswoman said yesterday: "There has been a bit of a barney, and Suede did at one point remove themselves from the advertising. But we have resolved it now. Suede will definitely close the show. But Bob Dylan is at the top of the bill." So that's clear then.