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US aircraft arrive in Gulf

Washington has deployed large numbers of Air Force and Navy attack aircraft to the Gulf to bolster what it calls a 'formidable military force' to deter an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Page 11

Cedras ready to step down

Haiti's military leader, General Raoul Cedras, is expected to step down today and eventually go into exile in Spain. The army's chief of staff, General Philippe Biamby, also set to leave office today, may depart for the Dominican Republic. Page 12

Cult leader's body found

Swiss television reported that the body of Joseph di Mambro, leader of the Order of the Solar Temple cult has been identified. Page 12

EU food 'dumped as aid'

EU surpluses have been dumped in East Europe as food aid, disrupting new market economies, says a report from the European Court of Auditors. Page 10

Drigg nuclear site 'unsafe'

Greenpeace activists have secretly entered the radioactive dump site at Drigg, Cumbria, and found what they claim to be breaches of safety laws. Page 7

Gains for Austrian far right

Jorg Haider of the far right celebrated big election gains in Austria yesterday. Page 10

Newcastle remain unbeaten

A late goal by Steve Howey for the Premiership leaders preserved Newcastle United's unbeaten record in a 1-1 draw against Blackburn Rovers. Page 36