Tarrant puts his foot in it

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Accident-prone radio and television star Chris Tarrant has broken his leg - only a few weeks after falling out of a tree and breaking his arm.

Tarrant, 51, was bouncing on a pair of novelty boots his wife Ingrid had bought for his birthday when he fell over in agony.

The DJ thought he had sprained his ankle on Sunday night but his doctor told him he had broken his leg in two places. He has had a metal plate inserted in his leg and cannot present his Capital FM Breakfast Show until next Monday. Tarrant, host of Man O Man, also recently gave himself a mild electric shock from a cattle fence while answering a call of nature on a riverbank.

He told listeners in a telephone call from his home yesterday: "I can't believe it ... I went down like a sack of spuds. I've been Rawlplugged all up my leg."