Teenager 'steals machete and knife from Walmart before stabbing Uber driver to death'

Horrific attack which left 34-year-old man dead in Chicago was apparently unprovoked

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A 16-year-old girl allegedly stole a knife and a machete from a Walmart store before stabbing an Uber driver to death in a totally unprovoked attack.

Eliza Wasni began her attack on Grant Nelson within minutes of entering his cab at a Chicago Walmart store, Assistant State's Attorney Michelle Cunninghan told Cook County Court.

The 34-year-old who also worked as a pianist and waiter, managed to stop the car and run into the lobby of a nearby apartment building. 

“The victim runs to the lobby door and is heard banging and screaming, 'Help me, help me, I'm going to die," Ms Cunningham said. 

Police and paramedics were called and Mr Nelson was rushed to hospital but he died from his injuries. 

The teenager allegedly drove off in the Uber but she quickly hit a central reservation. She then ran off, removing a bloodied t-shirt as she fled.

Police are said to have found her hiding in a building minutes later, still clutching the knife.

Wasni has been charged as an adult with first degree murder, although she is still a minor.

The taxi-booking app states customers must be aged 18 and over to use the service, although it is unclear how this policy is enforced.

Paying tribute to her brother, Mr Nelson’s sister Alexandra  told ABC 7 Chicago: "The loss of intelligence and conversation and nuance and thoughtfulness that he brought into all of our lives is going to be felt, and it will reverberate with us throughout the coming weeks and months and years, and it is not a hole that can be easily filled.

“He was not a vindictive person. He was not a cruel person. He didn't deserve this fate.”

Wasni was ordered to be detained in custody at her first court hearing.