Teenagers drink to tradition

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Under-age drinkers are sticking to spirits, cider, lager and wine despite hype about new fizzy alcoholic drinks aimed at the youth market, according to a new survey.

First results of the survey by the Scottish Council on Alcohol reveal that the traditional drinks, which contain more alcohol, are favoured by 15- to 17-year-olds.

The report was commissioned to gain an accurate picture of what under- age drinkers are buying. The council will use the information to shape the way it informs and educates youngsters about drink.

Its spokeswoman, Ann Furst, expressed concern at the ease with which under-age drinkers are buying alcohol. She said it showed that the licensing laws are not being enforced.

She added: "Our teenagers are a lot more sophisticated and knowledgeable about drink than people realise. Their first choice of drink is traditional, no doubt influenced by what they have seen in the home."