Texan family claim to have 'killed a mythical chupacabra'

Couple are convinced the coyote-like animal is the stuff of legends, but wildlife experts are not so sure

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A family in Texas claim to have shot and killed a chupacabra, a mythical creature with a reputation for sucking blood from livestock across America.

Doug Ohrt and his wife Lucy said they were at their home in Victoria County ranch on Sunday night when they came face to face with the coyote-like animal.

After hearing a "howl" the couple's grandson ran out and shot the creature from 240 yards, Ms Ohrt told ABC news affiliate KAVU.

When the family ventured outside to take a closer look at the animal, they were certain they had shot the legendary beast.

"My grandkids said: ‘Oh that's a chupacabra,’" Ms Ohrt said.

Descriptions of chupacabra sightings have varied, but many who claim to have seen the cryptid say it closely resembles a coyote but with a skinny body covered in matted patches of hair.

The first sightings were reported in Puerto Rico as early as 1995.

Chupacabras have a reputation for sucking the blood from livestock

"It's usually got long hair on it and this one doesn't and that's what makes it different from a regular coyote," said Ms Ohort added. "I’ve heard people say they've gotten young calves, but they have never gotten any of ours.”

 But Josh Turner, a wildlife biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife was unconvinced by their claim.

"I've seen squirrels, raccoons and coyotes in this area with the same features", he said.

“They're a mythical creature that most people see, but what it really is sarcoptic mange which is caused by a mite that bites the animal and it can be on any mammal - dogs, cats, coyotes foxes, and humans can get another version of it as well,” he explained.

Video courtesy of ABC news