The Balkans Truce: Quotes

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"Nature abhors a vacuum,so we'll be following pretty closely behind" the departing Serbs"

- Nato spokesman Major Trey Cate

"There has been great achievement this week, a great step forward, but there are some very difficult things yet to do"

- Tony Blair

"Can Milosevic survive this? The answer, sadly, has to be `yes'. We have lost the opportunity militarily to overthrow Milosevic"

- David Owen, former Foreign Secretary

"Until we know what conditions are like in Kosovo, ...we would advise that no one try to re-enter"

- United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

"We can't sleep. We shake all the time. We are nervous, tense. It was so scary, darkness everywhere, bullets came from anywhere"

- Unnamed deserter from the Yugoslav Army.

"There were no negotiations. This is a tougher agreement for Milosevic than the peace accords we offered him at peace talks in March"

- Robin Cook, Foreign Secretary