The cost of a good picture

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France is one of the most expensive places to buy camera film, according to a survey by Business Traveller magazine, which found that a French roll would set tourists back about pounds 4.11, while Britain was next on the list, with an average of pounds 3.58.

However, if more way-out destinations are taken into account, the most expensive film is to be found in Greenland (pounds 7.16 a roll). Other pricey places are Lesotho (pounds 6.81), Iceland (pounds 6.49), Barbados (pounds 5.53) and Norway (pounds 4.99).

While film may be expensive in France, at least international phone call prices have gone down. The cost of calls from France has more than halved in the last three years, the survey found.

And those who fancy a night at the theatre will have to fork out around pounds 28 in the US, but only about pounds 10 in Mexico.

Price of a roll of film

1. France - pounds 4.11

2. United Kingdom - pounds 3.58

3. Switzerland - pounds 3.55

4. Russia - pounds 3.30

5. Australia - pounds 3.15

6. Japan - pounds 3.11

7. Germany - pounds 3.10

8. Brazil - pounds 2.91

9. United States - pounds 2.83

10. South Africa - pounds 2.61

11. Singapore - pounds 2.33

12. Hong Kong - pounds 1.63