The Hon Members who helped lobbyist

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The MP for North-West Surrey is a champion of small businesses. Chairman of the Tory trade and industry committee, he is a friend of Greer and in 1989 gave Greer unprecedented access to a meeting of the committee. An inquiry in 1990 found he had received at least three payments for introducing Greer to clients but waited years to declare them.


MP for Horsham. Has served on the public accounts committee and select committee of privileges. Once described as the "ablest Tory never to have been a minister". Widely-respected and with the image of a City Gent he stuck closely to the Commons rules in declaring in the Members' Interests register that he was a paid consultant to House of Fraser, Mohamed Al Fayed's then parent company. Mr Greer formed a group to lobby for Mr Fayed in his long battle against Lonrho and for acceptance by the authorities.

TIM SMITH: MP for Beaconsfield. Served as secretary to the Tory MP's Trade and Industry Committee and a member of the Public Accounts Committee. Smith, 48, used the Commons to ask questions about management consultancy companies used by the Government. Resigned as soon as named as having received cash from Mr Fayed via Mr Greer.

ANDREW BOWDEN: MP for Brighton Kemptown. Regarded as cranky by some, he is a tireless campaigner for pensioners and animals.Recruited by Greer in 1987 to help in the Fayed campaign and reportedly paid pounds 5,000 for his efforts. Angrily denied the allegations and will not welcome the bad publicity as he prepares to defend a majority of only 3,056.

DAVID MELLOR: Faces a challenge for his Putney seat from Sir James Goldsmith with whom he is currently involved in a public slanging match over who is most tarnished with sleaze. Known for his many business contacts in the Middle East. Received assistance from Greer, who then lived in Putney, towards his 1987 election expenses.

DOUG HOYLE: MP for Warrington North. An extrovert soft-left MP who is likely to be deeply embarrassed by today's revelation of his links to Mr Greer. During the Arms to Iraq scandal Mr Hoyle, as a member of the Trade and Industry select committee, was one of the most outspoken critics of government sleaze. He is also regarded in the commons as pro-Israeli.


MP for Islington South and Finsbury. The shadow secretary of health could have done without news of Mr Greer's payment to his election fund emerging as he tries to make his mark at the Labour conference. Hard-working and intellectual he is well-respected by colleagues who will be surprised that he would have any dealings with lobbyists.