The War in the Balkans: Timetable: Days 28,29

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Tuesday 20 April

6.00pm: Two Nato missiles explode near the Belacevac mines, west of Kosovo's capital, Pristina.

9.05pm: Tanjug news agency reports a civil servant killed in a Pristina government building.

9.20pm: Explosions reported in Novi Sad. An oil refinery and the city's last remaining bridge hit.

Wednesday 21 April

2.15am: Nato raid on Belgrade hits the Usce Business Centre, HQ of Milosevic's Socialist Party and home of radio and television stations.

2.30am: Tanjug says 10 people killed and 16 injured as Nato missiles hit a refugee camp at Djakovica in Kosovo.

5.15pm: The first of 24 US Apache attack helicopters arrives in Tirana, Albania's capital.