Third Hull prostitute killed

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HUMBERSIDE police this week are investigating the third call-girl murder in Hull in 10 months, writes Sophie Goodchild. Police are refusing to speculate if the deaths are linked.

An incident room had already been set up to solve the murders of prostitutes Samantha Class, who was killed last October, and Hayley Morgan, who died in May.

The latest victim, Natalie Clubb, aged 25 and the mother of three children, was identified by her palm print and from tattoos on her severed arm which was found by a member of the public on a pumping station rubbish heap.

Detectives carried out a further search and uncovered a partly decomposed head, another arm, a leg and a torso. Detective Chief Inspector Paul Davison said it was too early to tell if the rest of the remains belonged to Natalie, who went missing in May, but said a Home Office pathologist had been brought in to carry out more tests.

"The only obvious and undisputed link at the moment is that these three women were all prostitutes and drug users operating in Hull and it is the people associated with prostitution and drugs that may hold the key to the deaths," he said.

Hayley's body was found abandoned under a tree with a bag over her head although police believe she died of a heroin overdose. Samantha was found dumped in the river Humber after she was beaten and strangled.